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DEVOUR is a co-op horror survival game for 1-4 players. Stop a possessed cult leader before she drags you to hell with her. Run. Scream. Hide. Just don't get caught.




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Anna Puerta, leader of demonic cult The Watchers of Azazel, has just performed a forbidden ritual, believing she can summon and control the goat demon himself. But something has gone wrong, and Azazel has possessed her. The only way to stop her from chasing you to a terrifying death is to break the spell. To do this you'll need to find gasoline, a fire pit, and enough sacrificial goats to burn.

About Straight Back Games

DEVOUR is the second game from Straight Back Games, an independent game developer started in 2019 by Joe Fender and Luke Fanning. The developers' passion for frustratingly difficult games and exciting co-op experiences was the drive behind its creation. Collaborators also include family members Andrew Fender (puzzle design), Hannah Headden (story and script) and Peter Fender (original music score).